SJS Law Chamber

SJS law chamber offers free legal advice in Pakistan. You can get professional advice from SJS law chamber solicitors. Our experienced lawyers will discuss your case in person and can give you a best advise for your case. We do not charge you for the first legal advice.

Our first priority is to help and serve humanity, therefore we also provide legal services for those who cannot afford to pay lawyer fees. We are willing to help people who do not work and eligible for legal aid.

To check your eligibility for free legal aid, click here.

Tax Lawyers

Tax lawyers are specialized to handle critical, complex and technical legal issues of any tax situation. It is always a good idea to discuss with a lawyer before stepping into any taxation issues. Because the lawyer knows better law & order and lawyers may reduce your future taxation problems.

Criminal Lawyers

Criminal lawyers have strong knowledge about any crimes and its applicable laws. There are many common crimes that may face by every third person. Property crime is one of the top listed crime, it includes larceny/statutory, burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft, robbery, and a few others.

After this, there are violent crimes happening in every society. These violent crimes are more technical and high-profile crimes that may take the attention of digital media. It may include murder, homicide, sexual assault, rape, kidnapping, manslaughter and the list goes on. Acquire the criminal lawyer if you are messed up in any case related to crimes before it’s too late.

Additionally, SJS Law Chamber can also provide bankruptcy lawyers, intellectual property lawyers and general practice lawyers. Just contact us with your queries and you will be assisted soon.

Other Services

Having your trusted lawyer can lower your problems when it comes to law and order. SJS law chamber is a 100% trusted law chamber where you can discuss your issues and lawyer will set a road map to avoid negligence and make a way out for you according to the law. Our services are mentioned below.

  • Online nikkah
  • Property & land
  • Child custody
  • Corporate lawyers
  • Submit a case for review
  • Inheritance & succession certificate
  • Online khulla
  • Labor right
  • Online divorce
  • FIR & Police Assistance

These services are not limited to the above mentioned categories. You may ask any queries from our SJS Law Chamber services, and make your life easy.